About Me

I am, by nature, a practical person. I know, it isn’t very glamorous but then again, neither am I. I am past the age where I am more apt to style my life around my personal needs and wants rather than what the media tells me to be.  I therefore, prefer a life that is un-fussy and comfortable.  This joins well with my sporty side who likes to be active and work up a sweat.  Oh, sure, I want to be very girly and put on high heels.  But after about 10 minutes, I’m reaching for my sneakers.

I am a 50-something housewife and a first time stay at home mom and I’m sort of digging it.  After trudging through many different jobs in many different fields (none of them utilizing my degrees and none making me particularly happy), I was laid off due to workforce reduction.  With much family discussion,  we agreed that it would be best for me to be a stay at home mom full time and be the domestic professional I’ve always wanted to be.  We felt that I could use my skills best on the home front because, as a practical person, always looking to streamline processes and find the best possible way to multi-task.  I now spend my days carting my 8 year-old son (yes, my late in life joy) back and forth to school, sports, playdates, and other activities.  When he is at school I am kept company by one dog and two cats who follow me around as my own personal supervisors as I attend to our home and run our little part of the world.  My nights and weekends are spent with my husband, who is my dream man.  I love to cook, sew, read, and garden, not necessarily in that order.  I am interested in health and fitness but never seem to be consistent with it. I am a self-professed Disneyland geek and very proud of it!