Over 50 Fitness?

With my newfound fitness regime, I have naturally been drawn to fitness blogs. I want to absorb everything I read, take notes on form, diet, and health. I look at the pictures of these fitness models in their designer workout gear, sparkling (glowing) with sprayed on sweat. Reading the benefits of eating more vegetables all the while looking at colorful pictures of salads and freshly picked product.

Not surprisingly, something is missing. It’s all staged. And I know it’s all staged. I am not 20 years old any longer and haven’t been for quite some time. When I work out, I become a sweaty mess. With real sweat, mind you. Nothing sprayed on. I do not look glowing. Instead of breathing in and out in a uniform fashion, I grunt and groan during my workout. I expel air in places I didn’t know I could expel air from, quite by accident. My workout clothes do not match and are far from designer. Instead, my workout clothes are old t-shirts that shrank in the wash and leggings that have holes in the seam. I workout first thing in the morning before anyone else gets out of bed. Who am I trying to impress?



So, I search out blogs for people my age – the over 50 crowd. Specifically, fitness blogs aimed at older women. There are lots of blogs about fashion for older women that touch on fitness (hey, look great in that designer dress by drinking more water!) but I am unable to find many for fitness for older women. Real blogs, not made up fluff.

Now, I’m not talking yoga fitness where these women barely break a sweat (although I know yoga can certainly be quite challenging and a bona fide workout). I’m talking about older women who actually lift weights, do burpees, pushups, pullups, etc. Older women who have muscles. Badass women, you know?

I found Wendy Ida who, at 66, looks pretty amazing. I follow her on Instagram. She doesn’t really blog, though.Wendy-Lets-Play

Or, Ernestine Shepherd:


Unfortunately, Ms. Shepherd does not have a blog.

Tosca Reno is also badass:


I have been following her for a while. You might know her from Oxygen Magazine. She owns it.

I do see some badass fit women over 50 but I go to their website and they are all trying to sell me something and are typically as unrealistic as the fitness blogs of younger women.

What to do, what to do.

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