Lark Tee #2

Owl top 4

Another Grainline Studios Lark Tee iteration using fabric from Needle in a Fabric Stash. I believe this fabric is from Birch Fabrics but I’m not 100% on that.  The owls sold me on the fabric and the colors remind me of hot chocolate.

Owl top 3

I cannot gush about this pattern enough!  I do not have to make any alterations in length or fit.  It’s just easy-peasy, right out of the envelope.

Owl top 1

I have a lot more knits in my stash that I need to use up.  Before too long, I will have a rainbow of t-shirts.  Just call me the t-shirt maven!

Owl top 2

As always, my darling Casey wants to be with mom.  Great picture taking from the husband.  Took this shot just as I was looking up.  Don’t you love it when that happens?

Happy sewing!

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