Back to Normal

Ah, the end of the holidays.  I can get the house back in order, get back on a schedule, say goodbye to the flu.  It’s raining outside for the first time this season and it’s nice to have a quiet house with just me, my dog, and my cats. The Christmas decorations have been taken down, school and work started back up, and all is right with the world again.

January has been anything but quiet.  I’ve been very busy with my own job and gearing up for 2018.  As I said in my last post, I haven’t made any particular goals and, truth be told, I wrote that post when I was knee-deep in flu and not feeling very well at all.  But, I do have somewhat of a list of things I want to do.


Sewing is, of course, back on my plate.  But, instead of sewing everyday clothing, I plan on focusing more on costuming.  I’ve always been enraptured with historic dresses and so I’ve decided to try to make one. I bought the book above and it’s the best book I have seen on the subject.  I have the patterns all set up for the dresses below, and I’m sure the thing will take me all year to finish but I think it will be a fun venture.

van cortlandt meredith barnes dec2017 W-50

Second, I have gained far too much weight in 2017.  I went to the doctor when I had the flu and I was shocked that my weight had gone up higher than I have ever been.  So, yeah, I’m back on my Cookinglight diet and counting my calories.  I’m also exercising regularly and have joined a really great Facebook fitness page.  I know it sounds cliché at the beginning of the year but I would have started sooner had I not been so sick.


I should also be able to go live with my own business, Wag the Pet.  I am making all natural dog treats and will be adding dog beds, collars and leashes, among other things.  I’m very excited for this to begin as it has been in the works for some time. More on that when the time comes.

So, there it is. I hope the beginning of your year is off to a good start.


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