Am I Just a Collector?

book-1659717_1920Last night, instead of turning on the TV before bed, I just picked up a new book and began to read.  This is something I haven’t done for some time and I so enjoyed the quiet house while I read and being transported into another world.  It had been a while since I had sat down and read a book that I marveled why I didn’t do it more often.  I had made a mental note to do it more often (easier when school is in session and TV viewing is intentionally limited) as I had a slew of books on my Kindle and Nook apps that needed reading.

But, as I was writing this post, happy to share my experience and write about reading and the joy of books, I stopped and thought to myself, Are you sensing a pattern here?  It was then that I had a bit of an epiphany: I am a collector. I collect stuff for hobbies that I do not practice.   Sewing is a perfect example of this.  And, I realized that reading is the same.


I have always considered myself a reader, being quite a voracious reader in my youth,  but the busyness of life along with other hobbies and pursuits, put reading on the back burner. I did it occasionally but not enough to warrant buying every book that caught my eye.  Reading became something that I prepared for.  I would hear about a book with great reviews and I would instantly go to Amazon and buy it only to have it sit on my shelf unread as I went about life.  I would think to myself that someday, I would read that book.

As you might guess, I have quite the digital library stacked up with great things to read that I have collected over the years.  They sit in my Kindle and Nook apps, waiting to be enjoyed. Like my sewing, the books have sat, collecting digital dust.

The more I write in this blog, the more I see the patterns develop in my life and realize that it isn’t just physical things that have been cluttering up my life but also digital things that I have collected.

What is funny about this is that I hate clutter!  I am notorious for throwing things out around the house – extra papers, clothing I haven’t worn in a year, old toys, books.  Everything that I deem unnecessary gets donated, recycled, or thrown out. What is even funnier, is that I live with a man who doesn’t mind clutter and doesn’t throw out anything.


I don’t declutter to make room for more things nor am I the tidiest person in the world. I do not need to have everything perfectly organized. But, I organize to unclutter my life, my mind.  If I have this laundry list of ‘to-dos,’ I get overwhelmed and lose sight of what is important.  And as I continue to remove these distractions, I unearth small collections of this, that, or the other thing that I had no idea I had been collecting.

So, now that I have uncovered two areas of collected things, I wonder what else I will discover.


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