A Dilemma of My Own Making


Now that I am re-employed, we are debating whether or not to renew our passes to Disneyland. Understand that we have VERY little debt outside of our mortgage and we do not live an extravagant lifestyle of expensive clothing, housing, etc. We don’t have boats or classic cars or motorcycles.   Nope.  We do Disneyland – with happy and childlike abandon.

My one extravagance has always been Disneyland.  I love, love, love Disneyland.  It is my thing.  It’s what I do. Don’t judge me.

BUT – should we renew our annual passes?  This is the question that we have been asking ourselves lately.

Well, we should save the money that we would normally spend on a weekend at Disneyland. Our savings has been a little depleted from me being out of work for the past year and our focus is to build that back up again as soon as possible, which we are doing nicely by the way.  That being said,  we are questioning everything we spend money on and trying to  keep our focus on simplifying our life.

Yet, although I am trying to simplify my life, does that really mean I have to do without?  Would I be choosing whether or not to have a piece of pie and questioning whether or not it will bring me happiness? Not really.  I believe in budgeting, living below your means, and saving for a rainy day.  What I do not believe in is going to the extreme with frugal living to the point where you cannot enjoy life.  In essence, I believe in moderation when it comes to frugal living.


But, fact of the matter is, Disneyland is not cheap.   It is definitely something we will have to budget.  So, we are weighing our choices quite heavily on the matter.  When these temptations arise, when the resources are plentiful, I tell myself that I need to be more frugal, not more spendthrift.  Save for a rainy day and all that stuff.  Grrrrrrr…  So, when I am not saving every little penny or making extra payments on our debt, I become frustrated and delve into a dilemma of my own making.

Should I?  Shouldn’t I?

Why do I feel so damn guilty about doing something I love?? If I took up a hobby such as hiking, I would not feel one bit guilty about buying the necessary equipment (which also isn’t cheap).  I had no problem spending money on my sewing habit – uh, I mean, hobby – and actively pursued anything and everything expensive I could get my hands on for it.  But, for some reason, my Disney hobby is taboo and the one I feel most guilty about.


But, then I remind myself that I am allowed to BUDGET my life and my fun, including Disneyland and POOF! Problem solved!  So, even though I may be spending my Saturday at my favorite place, I am also saving and making those extra payments to my debt.  And I truly think that is the key to success – A BUDGET!

So, how do you solve your spending quandaries?  

Have a great day!





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