Living in the Present

One of the biggest issues that I have always faced in my personal development journey has been that I overextend myself. I am always looking for something to do, something to create, something to make, something that will make me busy.  Although I am quite happy in my life,  there is a part of me that is never quite satisfied.


Recently, I stayed with my in-laws who live a very charmed life in Northern California. They own their own business but they live well below their means and have plenty of free time to enjoy their lives.

One day as my sister-in-law and I were chatting,  she told me of a family member who sounded very similar to me.  This family member always looked for something else to do, always seem to be focused on the next thing, always looked for the next thing to create –  just like me. My sister-in-law then went on to say something that really stuck with me:  She said that this person did not know how to live in the present.

Right then and there, I had the epiphany I needed and it struck me so hard.  I do not know how to live in the present.


I have been so busy searching for the next thing that I felt unfulfilled in my present life.  Yet, I have so much to be fulfilled with.  I have a loving, wonderful husband, great children who bring me joy, a comfortable life – what am I missing?  Nothing, but my present life!


So that will be my challenge over the next few months. I will learn to live in the present be content with where I am at and with what I have and deal with it.

What do you do when you find that your focus is not on the now but on the future (or past)?  How do you navigate back to the present?

Have a great day!


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