Dreary Sewing Magazines

Why are they so drab?  Why are they so boring?  I have yet to find a sewing magazine that is forward-thinking, modern, and interesting.  Am I alone here?


They typically have great pictures on the front cover, tempting us sewists with their promises of better looking and professionally made garments along with sewing tips and skills.  They catch my eye and I pick one up as I wait in line at the fabric stores (of course, that is why they are placed there to begin with – for dupes like me) but invariably, I am always disappointed once I get home and start to look through the articles.


You’d think I would have learned by now that these magazines are full of projects that end up looking like Becky-Home Eccy outfits.  How many clutch patterns or back to school accessories can one sewist really make?

Granted, not all sewing magazines are bad.  The Burda Magazines with the patterns are great and have patterns that I might actually make (if I ever get around to it).  The patterns are quite good, in fact, and I can picture myself wearing the styles.  I also love Colette Patterns online magazine, Seamwork.  It has all the things that I want and expect from a sewing magazine – thoughtful commentary, wearing your handmade garments, focus on famous (or infamous) designers,  and great patterns.  In addition, they use models of all ages and sizes.  HUGE PLUS!

Otherwise, the sewing magazines that I see in the stores are mostly Threads or quilting magazines (I very rarely quilt) and typically filled with the ugliest clothing known to man.  I mean, honestly, who would wear this:


Unless you are a size 0 model, I can’t think of one woman who would look good in this top.

So, tell me.  What are your thoughts on sewing magazines? Is there a magazine that you love?  That you hate?  Please, I’m all ears.






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