50-Something Exercise

“Getting old is for people who don’t know any better.” – Tony Horton

I am a firm believer in that statement.  I honestly feel that exercise is the fountain of youth.  Sure, my skin is more like paper these days and the rolls around my midsection are indicative of motherhood.  And yes, I creak and crack more than I care to admit.  But, people are often shocked that I am over 50.  They say, ‘You don’t act like someone over 50!’ or, better ‘You don’t look 50.’  I really appreciate these words more than these people will ever know.


However, like so many people I tend to run hot and cold with fitness.  My entire life, I went with 8 months working out everyday, eating right, and losing those extra pounds only to taper off and become sedentary for the next year.  Then, I would look at myself in the mirror in shock at how I had let myself go.  The cycle then began again – exercise everyday, eating right, etc.

As I have aged though, I have realized that I can’t do that anymore.  I find it mostly with my diet – I cannot tolerate larger meals that produce bloating, gas, and indigestion.  I’m much better when I stick to smaller meals – no gas, no bloat, and I can fall asleep without Rolaids.


I find that exercise has also changed for me.  With two bad knees (my doctor already told me that I will need knee replacement surgery sometime in my future) from being a runner and dancer in my youth, I have to be careful what I do. I need these knees to last me a bit longer.  Any exercise I do needs to be lower impact so I need to concentrate on lifting weights and being more deliberate in my interval training.



So, if I want to be fabulous and look like this…



…I need to get off my butt and get working out again but this time, stick with it.


Have a wonderful day!



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