What could possibly go wrong…?


THIS could go wrong!  Great little pattern from Colette Patterns.  Great Fabric from So Sew Easy.  Sewn well with no issues or problems.  Made a small adjustment to try to make it look a little better on me but, in the end, the top just doesn’t suit me.  Oh, it’s not that bad but it isn’t that great, either.

I had wanted to make a sleeveless summer top with this fabric so I chose something I knew I could make and would look well made (because let’s face it, my sewing doesn’t always turn out to be top-notch.  I don’t want to be Becky Home-ecky, you know?).


This is one of the disappointing results of choosing the wrong pattern for your body type. I really prefer form-fitting tops because I think they make me look less bulky.  Hence, why I tend towards tees or princess seams.  I was hoping against hope that somehow, this Sorbetto would still work for me.  I even put a tie on the back to try to make it appear less blousy.


But, I think what really bothers me is that I have gotten to the point in my life where I really should not show my upper arms.  These pictures really showed me that I need to start lifting weights to get some better shape to those arms!  Ugh!

I also need to get rid of the farmer’s tan, lol!
Have a fantastic day!

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